Products & Services

Our specialized portfolio

Our specialization has resulted in products and specific services that enable our customers to use state-of-the-art patient and HCP communication. Thanks to our experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we are very familiar with various regulations and the high standards of quality and reliability.

Security for your digital projects

evalii® - Adverse Event & Social Media Monitoring

With evalii® we offer a future-oriented, audit-compliant service that enables our customers to efficiently search digital media for adverse events (AE) and other relevant pharmacovigilance-related information.

Our system not only ensures compliance with all external regulatory requirements, but also takes internal guidelines into account during the monitoring process. evalii® ensures complete documentation and offers security at economical conditions. By integrating advanced technologies and employing a specialized, trained team of experts, evalii® guarantees a service that meets all requirements.

With evalii® our customers are well equipped to fulfill their pharmacovigilance obligations comprehensively and safely.

Darstellung der CED Forum App inklusive Alexa und Apple Watch

Patient Communication & Digital PSP

CED Forum - Mobile Community

With the CED Forum, we created the first smartphone-based community for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis patients in Germany in 2017.

With over 45,000 registered members today, the IBD Forum has become one of the largest patient communities in Germany and the EU.

In addition to the forum, the app offers numerous other functions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of people with these chronic illnesses. The toilet finder makes it possible to quickly find a toilet even when you are out and about or in unfamiliar places. Entries in the diary enable comprehensive documentation and reminders of medication or consultation hours make everyday life easier for the patient.

Targeted use of artificial intelligence


As a company that has been using algorithms in PV monitoring for some time and automating internal processes with modern solutions, we support our customers as competent advisors regarding the sensible and targeted use of artificial intelligence.

We not only help you implement technical solutions, but also advise you on ethics, data protection and industry-specific requirements.

Proven application examples:

  • Automated analyses - "Talk to your dataset"
  • Smart chatbots - For websites, social media & apps
  • (Partial) automation of complex business processes
  • Knowledge bases and support systems - Access to extensive expertise for quick answers and decision support
  • AI-supported quality management - Optimization and monitoring of quality assurance processes

In addition, we support our customers with targeted training and continuing education offers to effectively integrate AI technology as a tool in their everyday work. By building knowledge databases and implementing AI-supported systems, we not only improve process efficiency, but also strengthen quality management within companies. Our goal is to empower your employees to use artificial intelligence as a supporting force that helps them make data-driven decisions safely and confidently.