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Cross4Channel GmbH, a proud member of the Crossinvestics Group, represents the innovative combination of specialist expertise and forward-looking digital strategy in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. As part of a dynamic group of companies that specializes in the development and implementation of digital solutions, we support our customers with a wide range of services.


"Competence through specialization"

We offer tailor-made solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacovigilance & social media monitoring

With our software-as-a-managed service solution evalii®, we guarantee cost-effective and audit-compliant monitoring of your digital channels and patient services. evalii® is specifically designed to reliably monitor communication on social media and other digital platforms, thereby minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our advanced technology enables us to effectively collect and analyze relevant data to provide you with comprehensive insights and control over your online activities.

Consulting 4 Healthcare Innovations

Our specialized consulting for the pharmaceutical industry impresses with in-depth expertise and strategic precision. We offer customized consulting services aimed at implementing and optimizing innovative solutions in your business processes. Our experts combine industry-specific knowledge with the latest technologies to effectively address your challenges and achieve sustainable improvements.

With Cross4Channel you not only receive advice, but also a proactive partner for the future of your digital health strategies.

Product development

With innovative solutions and first-class quality, we support you in developing new, creative products for the healthcare systems of the future.
Our expertise in product development enables us to design customized technical products that meet unique challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Through our in-depth understanding of technological and regulatory requirements, we identify potential pitfalls early on and integrate preventive solutions into the development process. With Cross4Channel, you not only get innovative products, but also future-proof solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Software & App Development

We "speak" many languages and find the right one when it comes to economical and high-quality programming. Our team of experienced developers uses the latest technologies and proven methods to create customized software and app solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. From conception to final implementation, we guarantee seamless integration and scalability of your applications to increase efficiency and enable innovative healthcare solutions. With Cross4Channel, you are investing in future technologies that will drive your digital transformation.


Our Management Team

Your contacts at our interdisciplinary team.

Petra Dökel

Managing director

Philipp Petersen

Founder & Consultant

Andrea Kurz

Head of Operations

Christian Kuehn

Head of Key Account Management

Pioneer spirit

Our products

With our innovative solutions you can realize your visions.

evalii® - Pharmacovigilance Monitoring

With evalii® we have created a service that enables our customers to monitor any digital media for adverse events (AE) and other pharmacovigilance-relevant messages.

evalii® ensures complete documentation, meets all relevant regulations and offers absolute security at economically attractive conditions.

IBD Forum - Digital patient community

With the CED Forum, we created the first smartphone-based community for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis patients in Germany in 2017.

With over 45,000 registered members today, the IBD Forum has become one of the largest patient communities in Germany and the EU.

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