Ama­zon Ale­xa Voice CMS

Almost ever­yo­ne knows the popu­lar lan­guage assi­stants from Goog­le or Ama­zon. In Ger­ma­ny, Ama­zon’s Ale­xa is the mar­ket lea­der in the field of sta­tio­na­ry lan­guage assi­stants. We have met this trend with our Voice Con­tent Manage­ment Sys­tem (VCMS).

Why not start with your own skill for a spe­ci­fic dise­a­se, indi­ca­ti­on or other ser­vice. Thanks to our Doc­Check modu­le imple­men­ta­ti­on, we can also offer the­se ser­vices appro­pria­te­ly pro­tec­ted and Heil­mit­tel­wer­be­ge­setz (HWG) com­pli­ant for your HCPs and KOLs.

The deve­lo­p­ment and ope­ra­ting cos­ts are abso­lute­ly eco­no­mi­c­al thanks to our VCMS and the sys­tem as a who­le allows for very com­plex scenarios.

Of cour­se, we can also offer you com­ple­te solu­ti­ons for HWG con­for­mi­ty and phar­ma­co­vi­gi­lan­ce moni­to­ring obli­ga­ti­ons with this technology.